Catcher Technology Rajungan Environmentally Friendly

Indonesia has a swimming crab catcher Environmentally Friendly Technology
From Cirebon in Indonesia arrests Rajungan introduce environmentally friendly technology , called traps , wadong , bintur to fishermen from Sabang to Merauke to address the threat of exploitation of marine fisheries in Indonesia
This trap technology has been applied on the northern coast of Java that results are very satisfactory , the net bubu many other sectors as a supporter of starting fish for bait , ice cubes and other iindustri sebainya as well as environmentally friendly plastic mesh traps eka production has increased income of fishermen both large , medium and small its impact on the welfare of fishermen and state revenues through increased exports of marine products amounted to 2.47 trillion of this sector in 2012 continued to increase from year to year before

bubu wadong gear operation is similar to the trap . Traps are made ​​of galvanized iron wire for the frame , pe coated nets , embroidered with thread d6 typically used traditional fishermen .
Wadong traps can be installed to a depth of more than 40 meters while the traditional trap only reach a depth of three meters .

In addition to environmentally friendly because coastal waters will be maintained, trap nets also creates cooperation among fishermen to reduce conflicts arising from the seizure of fishing area .

Fishing economy also increased because of the catch obtained in fresh condition and can be sold at a high price , How the net traps , he is very easy as just putting bait fishing hook in place and buttoned , trap nets put into the ocean and swimming crabs went into the trap , so crab in fresh condition can be harvested every day .

Rajungan arrests were carried out using a variety of traditional fishing gear can lead to lower stock Rajungan Jumbo and environmental degradation .
In Java currently has installed 30 thousand / month Net Nanny along the northern coast of Java and Rajunganya production contributed the most .

Wadong own trap nets produced by Eka plastic traps a group of fishing effort that can produce up to 100 thousand net trap / month because the quality has been tested at sea and flexsibel size depends on the situation and the sea itself EKA aspire plastic nets production bubu can be exported to various countries in the world that can be enjoyed by fishermen all over the world .

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